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This one’s for all you up-and-coming hip-hop all-stars, who flow clean, hard and unscarred, hustling to land that rap record label deal for real. You know EXACTLY who you are. Question for you: Who do YOU think is the GREATEST hip hop artist of all time? It’s a tough one, we know.

Maybe you’re an old head. Let’s rephrase that… You’re a hip hop classicist. You’re all about those vintage beats. You idealize the days back when “HIP HOP USED TO HAVE INTEGRITY.” We feel you. You’re the type to say something like “Public Enemy is the BEST there ever was!”

Or, let’s take it to the 90s. The golden age of hip hop, right? A purist such as yourself probably says “2PAC was the greatest BAR NONE.” Sound familiar?

You could also take that geographical approach instead. Is East Coast where it’s at in your head? Maybe you think The Notorious B.I.G. or A Tribe Called Quest is best. Or does your preferred flavor stem from the West? All right, then you’re probably all about that N.W.A, Kendrick Lamar or Dr. Dre. Is the South your brand? You’ll probably say Outkast or Three 6 is in the highest demand. But hold up just a second—DJ, can I get the record spun back to verse one? Let’s put it this way. If you’re using the above thought process to answer this age-old question, I’m sorry Miss Jackson, but you’re going about things all wrong, for real.

Because if you want to make it as a hip hop artist, you can have your idols. You can have the artists you look up to. The people who inspired you and millions of others to work hard and tirelessly to ultimately add YOUR name onto the list of hip hop legends. We can ALL agree that there’s too much at stake. There’s a whole lot of cake but too many kids at the birthday party trying to get a slice.

That’s why we—the best in the industry—have to work together to enhance ourselves and each other. It’s the reason why we started Live Enterprizes. Come on board and be a part of the most revolutionary idea to hit the game since “The Message” came out. Because THIS is OUR message. Sure, it’s like a jungle sometimes out there, but do you wonder how we keep from going under? It’s simple: By creating a space through which we can give and take from, and help each other enhance our craft.

So with that, let’s revisit our initial question. Who do you think is the greatest hip hop artist of all time? And this time, if the answer isn’t “YOURSELF,” then you need to seriously reevaluate whether you should even be in the game at all.

Enhance Your Hip Hop Music Career Online

You’re not solely on your own to become the best. With Live Enterprizes at your service, you can upload and share your tracks via The Booth, or hone in on your skills battle for a reputation in hip hop through the Battle Zone. Or you could truly work together through our hip hop instrumentals and collaboration services.

Once part one is done and you have some material ready to drop, you need to make sure you go about releasing it the right way. That means digital distribution, which we will do for you. Ask yourself this: How serious am I about my hip hop career? If you’re ready, it’s time to join the Live Enterprizes community—our online cypher, if you will. See you in there.

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