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Rap is changing. No one knows who the next big name is going to be. Is it you?

With downloadable instrumentals/beats, promotion and sales that let you keep your royalties, our platform is perfect for any up-and-comer who’s ready to show off their flow. Collaborate with artists across the globe or face off against other rappers and musicians in the battle zone.

Use our rap/hip-hop instrumentals and collaborations to find a rap/hip hop record label. Whether you’re trying to get heard by Def Jam, Cash Money, Young Money, Taylor Gang, Roc Nation or any major rap record label, our music website can help jump-start your music career.

When rap and hip-hop started in the 70s with artists like DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and the Sugarhill Gang, no one knew that it would become one of the most popular forms of music. From Japan to Brazil, France to Australia, rap artists are everywhere. As many artists are out there, there are billions of listeners, waiting to hear their next favorite song. Is it yours?

Our digital music distribution service allows your music to be sold online, so new listeners can buy your next track, single or album regardless of where they are, Chi-town to China.

As rappers, DJs, MCs, singers and other artists increasingly look to establish their music, brand and image online, our platform allows you to do so in front of a wider audience. Signing up on our music website means you just earned yourself more fans.

A Change From Other Rap Music Websites

One music website might let you download beats. Another website might let you post your music. A different website might let you pit your tracks against the work of others. Yet another website might handle your promotion, getting your press releases out there. And still another website might help you distribute your tracks, mixtapes and albums across online music streaming and sales storefronts.

Our platform changes that. All of these options are available in one place. Finally, you don’t have to worry about going across multiple websites, so you can get back to focusing on your music.

The biggest difference between us and a rap record label? You keep your songs, lyrics and royalties.

On our website, your music is yours, no matter how you upload it or where you post it. You keep the profits from your sales and can post your music anywhere, anytime. No long-term contracts. No sales or promotion requirements. No minimums or maximums.

Promote your shows right from your profile on our site and get a bigger audience or upload your newest verse and share it with your followers. Interact with your fans, your way, show them what you’re working on, on social media and link them to your profile, so they can hear it, crystal-clear.

Make your statement. Make your song. Make your music career and put your foot down, because your next step is right here. Rap has a new home and its name is Live Enterprizes.

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