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Battle for and Build Your Reputation in Hip-Hop, Rap, EDM, Rock, Pop and More!

The Battle Zone is the first of its kind! Battle for bragging rights. Build up your career status to become the best: King of the Battle Zone! Here’s how it works (must be a premium member):

  • The music is randomly selected by our system
  • All members can vote, play, view, like and download all music in the Zone
  • The system will record and store all statistics
  • The top five users and the five tracks will always be on display

Watch how your reputation grows! If you happen to have a losing record, you should be able to tweak your material based on your stats, and your feedback to improve your outcome. This is where artists become stars! Put it all on the line and battle!

Contestant #1

cdizzal - (12 W - 16 L)

Track: Tha Joker - We Do it For Fun Pt. 2 (Official Video) [HD] - turn HD button on!

Tha Joker - We Do it For Fun Pt. 2 (Official Video) [HD] - turn HD button on!


Contestant #2

beats - (5 W - 2 L)

Track: To The Top HipHop Instrumental

To The Top HipHop Instrumental
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Use the Battle Zone to battle for your reputation in hip-hop, rock, EDM, rap, pop and other genres. Like American Idol, America’s Got Talent, The Voice and other music contests, the audience decides the winner. Tell your fans, tell your friends and grow your reputation with our visitors as you take on artists across the internet. Anyone can enter: Only the elite can win.

The Battle Zone puts the powers of artist development and promotion in your hands. Use your wins to grow your audience, use your audience to help you find a hip-hop record label. On our website, your songs can be posted to your profile, played in the Battle Zone, put in the Booth or even receive Internet radio airplay.

Your music can be listened to by thousands--the quickest way to get it in listener’s ears is here.

The Battle Zone isn’t solely about getting your songs heard. It’s about going for glory. A win here means something. You’re battling for your reputation, your honor, in the hip-hop arena. ALWAYS GIVE IT YOUR ALL, and strive be the BEST!

The Only Rap Battle of Its Kind

Rap record labels are keeping an eye out for talent. Battle for your hip-hop reputation and take on other up-and-coming artists. Don’t miss your shot at getting your music in front of the people who make decisions.

The Battle Zone is the first digital rap battle of its kind. These contests used to occur on corners or in clubs, but now they can take place online. Best of all, every listener knows your name in the Battle Zone, so no one ever wonders how to find your music. As you rack up wins, your record is displayed next to your name. An all-new way to earn fans and kick start your music career is at your fingertips. Gain fans and get your songs in the ears of new listeners.

Ever heard the phrase “you’re getting paid in exposure?” In the Battle Zone, you receive that exposure without having to play shows you don’t want to. More fans mean more people at your shows, which means you make more from your performances.

So get in the Battle Zone, show the world your talent and let your fans help you make more fans!

Contestant #1

cdizzal is reppin' Nowhere in Undefined. With a total of 1 tracks. cdizzal has an overall record of 12 Wins & 16 Losses in the Battle Zone.

Contestant #2

beats is reppin' Nowhere in Undefined. With a total of 2 tracks. beats has an overall record of 5 Wins & 2 Losses in the Battle Zone.


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Top 5 Users


Top 5 Tracks

Macklemore & Rya...1613
Tha Joker - We Do it...916
Hip Hop Trap...31
Hot Nigga Remix Mixd...31
To The Top HipHop In...21