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The Booth is a unique page that allows you to upload your material. You can display your hottest new exclusive features, and really generate a nice buzz. In The Booth your work is also available for free download. So, you can promote your works using our national network! Build your brand, grow your fan base, live the dream. The possibilities are endless.

This page is as close you are going to get to being live in an actual recording studio. Upload your freestyles, your exclusive interviews, your mixtapes, steaming hot new songs, and any other material that is hot! Audio only, videos are displayed in your profile. This page is solely for promotional use only!

All types of artist from music to movies send a lifetime on edge trying to figure out what it takes to be a success! Finding your passion, destiny, discovering your talent, it’s all one in the same. Show everyone that you are the best at what you do, and get it off in The Booth!
Note: Songs uploaded to your profile pages will be available for download in the booth