Live Enterprizes

Here at Live Enterprizes we are excited about what’s in store for all of you independent Musical Artist; who are striving for excellence through your many talents! It is our mission to bring new innovative artist, music & talents to the mainstream via a comprehensive partnership of music production companies, promotional firms and artist themselves. Management will continually strive to supply the market with good quality and service & also music that is style and among popular demographic excellence through your talent! We are an independent entity with a personalized approach that stands out from our competition! Our Artist will get the coaching and development needed to launch their careers and access to resources to showcase their talent! We focus on raw talent and help tweak your presentation for better reception. Access varies through different genres embracing the unique styles of each artist. We shy away from the cookie cutter look and similar style. So with that said! With are excited to meet you and assist with your needs! The Battle Zone is only one of our sites features however, this will allow you to practice your art while getting exposure!