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Been trying to land that rap record label deal with no success?

With Live Enterprizes, and our network of artists and producers by your side, you don’t even need one. The music business is a whole new ball game these days, and we’ve created a relevant platform that surpasses record deals.

A poet named John Donne once famously said, “No man is an island.” And while his words were written long before the days of hip hop, we artists, songwriters, rappers, producers and so on are all poets and artists.

For the Live Enterprizes community, the idea that no man is an island rings dear and true. In other words, you can’t do it all on your own. Sure, you can try, but if you collaborate with a solid group of likeminded people, the outcome as a whole will be MUCH better. We encourage our members to work together to collaborate here. Let’s break it down.

Unless you’re Kanye, there are generally at least two parties involved when it comes to crafting a rap or hip hop song.

  • The producer to make the beats and act as a big picture brains behind the work
  • The rapper or singer who writes the core of the work, and delivers the most important part of the song: Its melody and lyrics.

Here’s the thing: No one role is more important than the other. They depend on each other to succeed. The song depends on them to work seamlessly together to create something great.

But finding the right partners to collaborate with is harder than it seems. You’re only friends, or friends of friends, with so many people in your life. If you want to be a great rapper, but none of them are adequate producers, or vice versa, you’re just out of luck, right? WRONG!

That’s where Live Enterprizes comes in to save the day with our collaboration service…

Meet Your Match for Rap Instrumentals and Collaboration

Maybe there isn’t anyone in your neighborhood who you truly click with. That’s OK because the Internet is full of talent. We bring all that talent into one hub in hopes that great things will come of it.

Producers can upload their beats, and then rappers can go through and find the track that complements the vibe of their lyrics and flow just right. From there we encourage them to form a partnership and roll with it!

As long as producers keep throwing their beats up, and rappers keep laying down verses over them, soon enough we’ll have created a revolutionary database of quality collaborators and the fruits of their labor— best of all, it will have all been made BY THE PEOPLE, and FOR THE PEOPLE!

Once you find the Snoop to your Dr. Dre, so to speak—a like minded hip-hop aficionado with whom you can collaborate—make sure to let the competition begin! Upload your tracks into the hip hop music battle section, and let the people decide who’s top dog.

Let’s bring collaboration in hip-hop to a whole new level. If we can do that, the rap game will be forever enhanced.

With Live Enterprizes at your service, the internet is now the hip hop record label that you’ve always dreamed about being on.

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