In case you stumble upon a flyer about a show on the window of the fast food or a post on the pole caught your attention, it is often the amazing work of the street team.  This kind of marketing techniques is often referred to as guerilla marketing that is utilized to increase the visibility and the awareness about a certain thing.  These are customarily used by the hip-hop artist in promoting their music.  They will hire people that will post their posters on the street.  Today, this type of marketing is entering a new phase.  Most artists are now realizing how to incorporate this strategy online by forming an online street team.


Your Guide on How to Build an Online Street Team


When you are creating your digital team that will create conversation about your music, you may adapt the old principle of the traditional street team.  Your team will be responsible for generating buzz on the online community.   Follow these tips to assemble a strong online street team.


Who will be the Part of Your Digital Street Team?


The first location you should look at would be on your lead list.  These subscribers are possibly your fans who have invested interest in you for a long period of time.  You may simply disperse a message using your e-mail asking them to be a part of your online street team.  In case you still want more members, you may also open the application form to your social media followers.  However, you should not be fixated on your supporters alone.  Try to find digital influencers who will be willing to join the team.


The Marketing Rules


The marketing guideline of your online street team must perfectly suit your marketing plan.  We do not recommend you to suppress the rights of the members when sharing their insights.  Highly welcome their suggestion and their comments, but you need to create a guideline on how they can represent you.  They need to express the same idea and behavior that you are assuming on other channels.  For instance, in case you have a newly released single, you may want to ask them to leave authentic comments.


On-Going Process


You need to remember that the process of building an online street team is a continuous process.  This is similar to accumulating followers and generating lead list.  You should constantly strive to build it and grow your street team.


Finally, you need to understand that your online street team is exerting their effort and using their extra time to help you.  You need to reward them from time to time.  Perhaps you can provide them with free download of your music, merchandise, exclusive access to event, backstage concert pass and others.  It will not only be a great way to express your gratitude but also the best way to keep their loyalty.