Finding New Roads to Fans With Live Enterprizes

The music industry has been undergoing an evolution since the turn of the century.  Record labels and media moguls struggle to adapt to the new challenges of digital distribution. Artists are finding new, more direct ways to deliver their music to their audience. A number of services have cropped up to deliver artists tools to help them get their music out there, but one offers more than the rest.


Live Enterprizes offers an online home for new and experienced artists alike. While some services deliver instrumentals or beats, and others offer digital distribution, Live Enterprizes offers both. On the website, musicians, poets and singers can hone their craft with original tracks and, when they’re ready to release their music to the world, Live Enterprizes can distribute songs across more than 150 online marketplaces including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Tidal.


For promotion, artists can receive guaranteed Internet radio airplay with Live Enterprizes. We will target your music to specific demographics, and expose your music to millions. With Internet radio airplay, artists can monitor reports and data to determine the markets that are most responsive to their music.


Live Enterprizes supports artists in a way that few others can, giving them every tool to create their own music career. From the concept for a song to the distribution of the finished track, the next road to an audience is only a few clicks away.


To learn more about Live Enterprizes, their worldwide digital distribution or how artists can compete for free instrumentals, visit the website at http://liveenterprizes.com/.


About Live Enterprizes:


Founded in 2016, Live Enterprizes is an online platform geared at gaining independent music artists exposure on a national scale. The website offers a bevy of services for artists, producers and listeners to keep them engaged and learning about the latest underground music trends. There’s something for everyone on Live Enterprizes, including new songs, digital distribution and a chance for artists to compete against their peers for prizes and glory. To learn more, visit http://liveenterprizes.com/.