In the last blog, we covered a few issues that make it hard for artists to find an audience in the modern era. This time, we’re looking at some of the tools a musician might need to rise and become known.


Artists are not everyday people. They have their own set of challenges and problems they face that fuel their creativity. Their demons, their issues and their shortcomings are what drives them to be who they are. Even if things aren’t all that bad, creativity takes energy, often leaving them unable to handle every element of their enterprise. Some artists are motivated by positive things but regardless of the motivation, the rise to fame isn’t a job that one person can handle.


A close-knit group of friends, family or simply people who have a vested interest in seeing them succeed is one of the biggest keys to achieving greatness. The entourage, the clique, the family, these are the people who make an artist a star.


So who does an artist need?


  • The Networker– The friend who can talk their way into and out of any situation. The networker makes relationships and introductions effortless. They are often well-liked by most and have the ability to cool down situations before they get out of hand.
  • The Organizer– The friend who can juggle several different needs at once. These people typically become a manager, keeping track of everything that needs to be done and reminding the artist of the engagements they’ve agreed to.
  • The Hype Man– Keeping things in perspective, the hype man helps the artist stay in the right mindset. The hype man embodies confidence and lends some of theirs to the artist so that they stay in high spirits. Often undervalued or seen as the sidekick, the hype man often has a major impact on the abilities of the artist.
  • The Informant– With their ear to the ground, the informant keeps the artist apprised of what’s going on in the underground and what the big names are doing. The informant can spot what the next big movements are and help the artist stay ahead of the curve, instead of trying to catch up.


At Live Enterprizes, we provide the platform for artists to launch off of, but without the right people behind them, it can be much more difficult.


It’s important for artists to remember to give thanks for the people who keep them going.


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