Even though Pinterest is a website where you post pictures and share them with your followers, it can be a great place to promote your music as well. Rated as one of the fastest growing websites in the past, Pinterest has millions of members who actively post and repost content on a variety of subjects. Musicians can use it to promote their music as well as attract new fans and grow their careers.


Below we have come up with a few helpful tips on how to promote with Pinterest.


Find an Audience


Just like any other social platform, it is important that you find the right audience to focus your efforts on promoting with Pinterest. Take some time to look through Pinterest forums about music, and identify members who might be interested in the type of music you make. This ensures that you focus all your promotion efforts on users who are interested in what you have to offer.


Update Regularly


One of the best ways to keep users coming back to your Pinterest page and sharing your content is posting new content on a regular basis. Decide on a suitable schedule in within which you can be able to post new content to keep users interested. Since as a musician you will have a lot on your hands, weekly updates will work, but if you can post on a daily basis, even better.


Links to Website and Social Media


It is also recommended that you link your Pinterest site to your social media pages and website as well. This allows you to keep your audience well informed on all matters relating to your music including merchandise offers and new events among others. The Pinterest website has a high ranking on Google, therefore linking it to your site helps boost SEO as well.


Allow Pins from Followers


One of the main purposes of promoting with Pinterest is to attract and engage new users and market your music to them. It is recommended that you do your best to build a community of followers through regular engagement. Allow users to post comments on the Pinterest page for further engagement on the content you post.


Make it Fun


To get the most out of promoting with Pinterest, it is recommended that you keep things as fun as possible. People usually repost and comment on posts they find funny. Don’t be too serious; alternatively, look for ways of giving your board some personality. The main aim is to have great relevant content for your followers at all times.


Follow the above tips on how to promote with Pinterest and watch your fan base grow with time.