The Online Music Distribution You Need

Who needs a major label to make it big? DIY is everywhere these days, but since its beginnings, the indie music path has been the way for thousands of artists, including you. You don’t need a label to define your greatness–you’re an independent artist and you can stay that way, all the way to the top. You might even start your own music empire one day.

Or maybe making it onto a label is your dream. Every morning, you wake up a little closer to your goal of signing that contract with Universal, Sony or Warner. You’re willing to work hard and break boundaries to make something that’ll make execs sit up and pay attention–and you’ll keep going long after that.

But right now, you’re on your own.

Or are you? Live Enterprizes was born to make sure that you’re not alone in your fight to the top.

We have everything you need to finally make a name for yourself, from rap radio airplay to strategic artist exposure on social media. And if you really want to make your mark, online music distribution is a must.

Think about it: if your fans can’t buy, stream and download your music from Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and iTunes, how will they get the chance to let your work speak to them? How can they get obsessed if they can’t listen obsessively?

And think about all the future fans who haven’t found you yet–the ones who stumble upon your work because it popped up in their iTunes recommendations. The fans who first heard your music playing on a friend’s car stereo and had to know who you were. You can’t change your fans’ lives if they haven’t found you yet–and it’s most likely that they’ll find you online.

It’s not enough to upload your tracks to one hosting site and leave it at that, either. We know you’ve been paying attention to industry news, so it’s no surprise to you that music fans are divided about which music streaming service is the best (hello, Tidal). Don’t waste your time trying to guess which one has the most potential fans on it–trust us, your future followers are everywhere.

But how are you going to get your music everywhere if you can’t be everywhere at once?

More Digital Distribution Than  Any Other Website

That’s where we come in. You take care of the music, and we’ll take care of the hustle, bringing your singles, EPs, albums, rap instrumentals and collaborations to digital distribution services everywhere.

Instead of hosting your tracks on a single platform, you’ll have placement everywhere fans find their next jam. Whether they’re rabid Tidal converts, staunch iTunes users or total Spotify devotees, they’ll find you right in front of them. And you’re what they’ve been looking for.

Get found. Live Enterprizes has digital distribution and rap radio airplay plans for everyone, whether you’re committed to the indie route or gunning for a million-dollar contract. And it all starts right here, at your Live Enterprizes home base, where you can upload your tracks, battle it out and start collaborations with other artists who share your vision.

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